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Kia ora / Hola

I am from Barcelona, where I  worked as an Industrial Psychologist until I moved to Aotearoa in 1992. I have been teaching Spanish language and Piano in several schools, as well as privately, to learners of all ages, from beginners to advanced. My native languages are Catalan and Spanish. I hold a Diploma in Piano from the Conservatory of Music in Barcelona, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Teaching from Massey University, specializing in languages and music. 


In 2008 I created Linguamusic™ to be able to embrace my passion for Languages and Music. I believe Music is indeed a gift for language learners. In my Spanish lessons I often use songs and rhythms to facilitate the retention of vocabulary and to make the learning more appealing and entertaining.


It is proven that motivation and perseverance are essential factors in the continuous process of learning. 

My aim as a teacher is to be able to inspire students to see that their learning has a real place in their lives. I believe I show enthusiasm, warmth and humour, as well as a passion for languages and music, modeling interest and commitment. 

Relationships are the key to maximize the learning; therefore, as a Spanish teacher and a Piano teacher I bring the person who I am to the students, working alongside them, unlocking the learning so the students can access it, setting clear goals and providing encouragement, support and positive feedback. 


Either learning Piano and/or learning Spanish it is important to stay motivated and to continue to make progress, one step at a time, developing creativity, growth and confidence. Little and often is best. Welcome to this beautiful journey which will open new and exciting opportunities for your future.


Muchas gracias

Anna Pallares

Anna Pallares
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