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Why use music to learn Spanish?

Music is a fundamental form of expression and personal communication and culture, a universal language. The benefits of using music to learn Spanish extend beyond simple memorization of vocabulary.


Due to the rhyme, rhythm and musical songs, students learn the vocabulary more easily and in a more entertaining and appealing way.

Music also helps with the pronunciation of the Spanish words. When singing along to a song in Spanish you must concentrate on the tone and rhythm of the music. This distraction helps you become less self-conscious.


Thanks to music, a relaxation occurs which reduces anxiety. Students are more receptive and willing to learn. The psychological barriers are reduced by increasing the emotional participation in the learning  process.

(Rosenfeld, 1985: 48-56).


Linguamusic believes that Music is indeed a gift for language learners. From the very beginning songs and rhythms are introduced to facilitate the retention of vocabulary and to make the learning more appealing and entertaining.

Anna playing a piano
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