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My Philosophy

Linguamusic believes that learning languages  benefits all students intellectually, socially, and culturally. It helps them understand better their first language, helps them gain confidence and encourages them to take learning risks in our changing multilingual and multicultural world. 


Research shows that learning a new language is most rewarding when it is used in a real, meaningful, and culturally specific context. Language and culture are interrelated and inseparable. This is the communications age and languages are the heart of communication. Learning another language is learning another way to think.


Learning languages and learning music will take you places mentally, physically and emotionally. It will open up job opportunities, friendships, travel and new ways of thinking and expressing yourself.


Learning languages and learning music needs to be ongoing and cumulative. Little and often is best.  

It has been proven scientifically that the earliest you start learning a new language the more opportunities you have to reach a satisfactory level of success. Motivation and perseverance are essential factors in the continuous process of learning.


Linguamusic believes that the teacher should show enthusiasm, warmth and humour, as well as a passion for languages and music, modelling interest and commitment.  The teacher’s role is to inspire students to see that their learning has a real place in their lives.


Relationships are the key to maximise the learning; therefore, as a Spanish teacher and a Piano teacher I bring the person who I am to the students, working alongside them, unlocking the learning so the students can access it, setting clear goals and providing encouragement, support and positive feedback.

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